What is a CCRC?/What do we offer?

Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offering a range of housing and service options for seniors.

Why choose a CCRC?

Thousands of seniors are choosing to spend their retirement years in Continuing Care Retirement Communities, also known as CCRCs. Why?

CCRCs offer several housing options so individuals can select the lifestyle that fits with their personal needs. CCRCs also offer a range of services, amenities, and health and wellness programs—geared to help residents stay healthy and independent longer. CCRCs also offer access to high-quality assisted living services and nursing care, giving residents peace of mind in knowing the appropriate level of support is always available to them- right within their own community.

What do we offer?

As a CCRC, Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina offers several residency options ranging from patio homes and apartments to assisted living, memory support and health services.

The goal of each of our 5 communities is to serve the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational and social needs of those who have chosen to live with us. Residents come from all walks of life and bring their own special talents, energy and experience to the community.

To learn more about our lifestyle options and specific services offered, please click here.

What it doesn’t cost to live at PCSC

Article written by a PCSC resident at The Village At Summerville

We, who live at The Village at Summerville, are so glad we are not encumbered with some of the expenses we formerly had to face – especially in view of the country’s financial situation.

When I began to collect my information for filing taxes this year, I realized how much owning a house drains you financially. It is a good exercise to list all the expenses you incur owning and maintaining a house. Notice I said house. A home is what you make in a house and a home can be made any place you live.

Here is my list of a few savings. No county or city taxes, no house and flood insurance, no sewer, water and waste bills, no yard care or house maintenance bills, no heating and air contracts, no electrical and plumbing repairs, no cable or generalup keep bills.

My physician is available every Thursday and my prescriptions are delivered to me. Transportation is available for events away from the Village. I don’t have to cook if I don’t want to and my laundry could be done for me except that I live in a cottage and have a washer and dryer. As for groceries, I shop once a month and spend about $60.00. Did you know that when you live in a retirement community such as The Village, you receive an annual medical expense deduction? These are some of the things you never think about when you own your house. They reinforce, for me, the reason I live in a retirement community and by the way, take it from me the earlier you make the move the better it is for you.

I encourage you to consider your future – plan ahead. What will you do in your retirement years? Think about joining us at the Village. It’s a wonderful life!!!

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